Minecraft Earth


Explore the new dimension of Minecraft. Create, explore and survive in the real world. Join the community of builders and explorers who explore the planet, gather resources for buildings, create objects in augmented reality, and place them in full-size. You can even form teams for mini adventures!

  • Create amazing things on the desktop and then bring them to the real world in life-size.
  • Work together with other builders and create masterpieces together.
  • Explore the neighborhood from a new angle and see how the area develops over time.
  • OPEN your unique mobiles, such as a stained pig and blood flower, and populate your buildings with them!

PHONE? Kirk!

Minecraft Earth is a new augmented reality game that can be played on mobile phones. It brings the world of Minecraft to reality. You can go on exciting journeys, create incredible creations with your friends and bring your work to the real world in real life. Minecraft Earth is available on devices with iOS 10 and later, as well as Android 8 and later.

Create it.

Creativity has always been the most important thing in Minecraft, but Minecraft Earth gives you the opportunity to express yourself on a whole new scale. Share your masterpieces and watch other players’ creations!


In Minecraft Earth you will meet familiar mobiles, as well as many new ones. In due course you will get an opportunity to display their unique variants and to inhabit with them the constructions.


Meet like-minded people and create masterpieces with them. Work on a smaller scale with your friends and then take your buildings to the public in full view. You can even go on a mini-trip with your friends!


Thanks to Minecraft Earth, the courtyard will open up to you from a whole new angle. Collect resources, go through trials and share your imagination with others. A whole new world awaits you!