MineGuide RUS Minecraft Guide


If you have any questions, write to the post office! I will be glad to communicate with you!
I present to your attention the first Russian application-guidance on Minecraft! Now you do not need to translate the text from English applications, and also will not need to go online for information at the first problem in the game. Now you have all the information in your phone! Introducing MineGuide – the best Minecraft guide for Android!
===Opportunities of MineGuide====

  • Information on all Kraft! (1.10)
  • Monitoring of the servers added by the user!
  • Information on the charms of tools, weapons, armor!
  • Training in the use of fireworks!
  • Recipes for all potions, their effects, application!
  • Melting recipes – from ingots of ores to food! (1.10)
  • ID of all blocks and items of Minecraft! (1.10)
  • Rarestone information – logical schemes for creating mechanisms and designations!
  • Information on various game aspects – the section “gameplay”, the most important thing about the game here! (The section will be updated every day)
  • Complete information on all existing and non-existent Minecraft world mobiles! (1.10)
  • Practical application of raretone – mechanisms!
  • Game facts that you will enjoy playing with!
  • Information on a variety of popular modes, Kraft, use and much more! (Developed)
  • Information on game achievements! (1.10)
  • Information on all biomes and structures! (1.10)
  • Complete guide to trading with residents! (1.10)
    Download MineGuide and you’ll forget about the hemorrhoids in the Internet – everything is in MineGuide.

ATTENTION: MineGuide is a pocket guide to Minecraft! This is not a pocket version of Minecraft and by no means the game itself!

WARNING: MineGuide contains an advertisement! To disable the ads, you need to buy the Pro version!

Information for the application was taken and edited from the resource ru.minecraftwiki.net, I would like to thank those people who published and are publishing articles about the game on MinecraftWiki!

WARNING: MineGuide is not a Mojang product or an official guide from Mojang, all materials (pictures, buttons, backgrounds) are the property of Mojang!